The One About Go Daddy..

I'm not tech phobic… and I'm not a web genius.. I'm somewhere in the middle.

 If you haven't noticed I've had NOTHING but problems with my load time of my website AND with it getting/giving 404 errors.  Go Daddy is my hosting provider.. and  they remind me of my drunk uncle.  They aren't much help and they can't admit when they have a problem.

After 2 weeks and several condescending tech guys telling me it was all in my imagination…  They have *now* told me this problem should be worked out in the morning… But we will see.

 PS.. (I don’t really have a drunk uncle…).

PSS.. (I do have a drunk uncle.. but don't judge)

PSSS (Don't we all have a drunk uncle?)
PSSSS (No offense to drunk uncles everywhere.)