Reunions, Age and Being Old on Today’s What Should I Wear?

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I had two reunions to go to this year; The Man had his reunion last Saturday and mine will be in late October.  This got me thinking about stuff…

  • what should I wear?
  • would my best friend from school be there? (since some man took  wooed her to Jeff City)
  • Do I have anything relevant to wear?
  • Will I look like the mother of 6… while everyone else looks like they have spent their life in Paris France (not Texas) and Milan Italy  (not Indiana)?
  • Do I need to wear jeans with rhinestones and big white stitching to be cool?
  • What if I don't 't show my shoulders or arms because they are just too dang chubby for the light of day to see?
  • Does everything I own have peanut butter and jelly or spit up on it?
  • Maybe I should buy something that isn't black.
  • Maybe I'm too old and have too many children to think about fashion.
  • I think I'm going to wear black.

When I was in grade school 40 year old women looked like this…

Bea Authur on Maude

When I was a teenager 40 year old women looked like this…

Dynasty! (one of my favorite shows)


Now 40 year old women look like this…

Sex and the City

and this..

and this..

Have you noticed that women don't have grey hair any more.. and they are all blonde?

I guess age is much more important than I have been giving it credit.   I  was asked to apply to be on a parenting board.  When I did, they  turned me down because I am "too old" to be on it.  I have 6 kids.. one of which is 7 months old! Seriously?  I'm too old?  A month or so ago, I had someone want to interview me because of eBay… and when they learned how old I am… the told me I was too old for the interview.  OUCH!

I don't feel old.. I don't think I'm irrelevant… I think I can learn something from ANYONE.. regardless of their age, race, station in life, color or religion.

Stay tuned.. I'll let you know how this whole "reunion" business works out, and if I wear something other than black with baby hurl on it.