To the Moon Alice! To the Moon!

It’s been snowing a lot here in Kansas.  We are suppose to get 5.4 inches between noon today and 9:00 am tomorrow.  This is  MEGA amounts of snow for us.  It doesn’t help that the 5.4 inches is being added to another 5-6 inches that is already on the ground.  So what does a family do?

tothemoon3We make fun of our animals..

tothemoon1This is Ivana… I rescued her when she was just a kitten.

Here’s how I found Ivana (and her brothers)

tothemoon2#2 thought it would be cute to put this “Toy Story” Rocket

on Ivana… You see Monday she was on my counters eating

raw hamburger out of the pan.  I yell something to the effect

“Ivana! I’m going to send you to the moon!”  #2 thought it would be

funny to mock his mother.  He’s cute like that.. I wonder if he has a

rocket for himself?