We Interrupt Our Normal Day For Some Photos..

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Yesterday and today.. we had an unusual experience happening at our house.. from the photo above you might think we had a baby girl visitor for #6.. but we didn't. My good friend Laurel came over and took photos of our family. She is a fabulous photographer… if you live in or around Kansas City, Topeka or Lawrence.. she's your girl 🙂 You can check out her photos on her Facebook page HERE (She's going to have a new website soon…)

This cute little baby is actually #6. You see #1 is making some baby stuff to sell on Etsy.. and well needed a model. Since #6 is the only baby we know.. we made him the model. I know.. I know.. he'll need therapy later. (a percentage of #1's sales will go to his therapy)

You can not imagine how hard it is to get a tiny baby to hold still.. not cry.. sit just right etc.. until you've tried to take a photo of one.. Laurel did such a good job with #6..

#4 even helped hold up a reflector.

Here's #1 getting him set up in his pod she made….

We didn't get any photos of him in the pod.. he had about all he could take right after I snapped the set up of this shot.

Here's a sneak peek of our family photos from yesterday…

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More to come later 🙂 By the way.. that's me.. The Man and #6… we just look like super models here 😉