How to Make a Boutique Matching American Girl Outfit

My daughter (#3) loves everything to do with American Girl Dolls. She likes to match her doll when she goes to church and when we go well, anywhere! American Girl has some fabulous clothes for girls to wear and match their dolls. Want to see them? Go here

The American Girl Fashion show was fast approaching and #3 decided she wanted to wear a skirt similar to the ones we purchased on eBay (and now they don’t fit). I checked and the seller isn’t selling those outfits anymore… so we decided to make one for ourselves. Here’s how we did it:

What you need:

1 yard of Fleece Fabric

2" wide elastic (enough for child’s waist plus 1")

1/4" wide elastic (enough for the doll’s waist)

thread, scissors and tape measure.

I measured #3’s waist

Then from her waist to just above her knee.

I measure this out on the FLEECE fabric #3 picked out. I added 2 inches to the

length for the waist band and 1/2 inch to the sides for the seam allowance.

If you were feeling crafty you could make your own pattern with this measurements.

With the fabric doubled cut the skirt out.

Pin the skirt right sides together and stitch up each side using the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Both side seams are stitched together.

Fold the fabric over for a 2" casing.

OOOHH… this photo not only shows my casing.. But I put it up to show my

high school sewing teacher (Mrs Benbow) that I really was paying

attention when we talked about matching plaids 🙂 Stitch up the casing

leaving an opening to string the elastic through.

Measure and cut the elastic. Leave about 1" to overlap and stitch up

I then get a large safety pin, and attachit to one end of the elastic.

Start moving the elastic through. The safety pin will help give you

something to grip.

One the elastic is through I overlap the ends and…

I stitch the elastic to each other and then stitch up the opening.

(that the casing went through)

Now it’s time to add the fringe…

On this skirt I made about 1.5" fringe.


Here’s #3 and her friends. You can see the heart on #3’s doll t-shirt.

There is one on her shirt too.. I just don’t have a good photo of it. 🙁