Pinterst Photo Challenge Day 12: My Closet

Seriously?  My closet?  I can't do that. You see I have shared a large walk in closet with The Man and 3 of his children over the years. Once a kid becomes old enough they and their clothing moves to another room.  BUT currently I have a dresser in there with #5's and #6's stuff in it.

This one kid who's number rhymes with dive… threw stuff out of the drawers in the closet ALL over the floor.  I haven't picked it up yet.. and haven't made him help me… so I don't really want to take a photo.

My Closet.. (blurred)

See all the dark stuff on the floor?  That's the clothes he threw on the floor.  Don't tell anyone that I haven't cleaned it up.  I hope we can still be friends tomorrow.