If you Live in Kansas.. and Homeschool You should Read This.

I received an email from Midwest Parent Educators (a homeschool group).. if you live in the state of Kansas I hope you'll read this note below and call or email our Kansas State Board of Education Members.

Some Homeschooled kids I love…

Dear MPE member family in Kansas,

We received this letter from HSLDA following up on the statement by the Chair of the KSBOE proposing homeschool legislation:

"The Kansas State Board of Education has agreed to discuss homeschool legislation and regulation at its meeting on September 18–19. This issue has received much media attention. However, state law gives the Board no jurisdiction over non-accredited private schools (which includes homeschools).

It would be appropriate for the Board to operate within its proper boundaries and not stray into the area of homeschooling.

Action Requested

1. Before September 18, please write, call or email the elected member of the State Board of Education who represents your district. Your message can be as simple as, "The State Board of Education has no jurisdiction over non-accredited private schools. Please leave homeschooling off your agenda."

2. Tone is important! If your communication is respectful, polite and courteous, it will give board members a good impression of homeschool families.

3. This website shows what counties are assigned to which of the 10 districts. Below the map, click on your district number to get contact information for your board member.


One board member was quoted as saying she would like to have a conversation about legislation for homeschoolers. It is not appropriate for the Board to be having conversations about regulating homeschooling since the Board has no jurisdiction over non-accredited private schools.

Kansas has a sensible legislative framework for homeschooling that has worked well for many decades. No change is necessary. The framework involves a low level of wasteful red tape (a one-time registration as a private school), but a high level of performance: a homeschool parent must be prepared to prove his or her competence as a teacher if challenged.

HSLDA sent a letter to Board Chair David Dennis on Wednesday, September 15, about the Board's plans to discuss homeschool legislation. A copy of our letter is on the HSLDA website on the Kansas homepage.

HSLDA is working closely with Kansas homeschool organizations on this issue.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

Sincerely Yours,

Scott A. Woodruff, Esq.,
Senior Counsel
Home School Legal Defense Association"

Seen and Heard at a Homeschool Conference…2012

Last week I spent sometime at the Midwest Parent Educators Homeschool Conference.  I love looking in the vendor area.. and always wish I had money to buy each and every book or program that would benefit my kids.

View of the vendor hall

Here's one of my kids favorite spots.. Miller Pad and Paper!

I went to the following conference sessions:

  • Raising a Mighty Man of God Kevin Swanson

This session was packed.  There were probably 200+ people in the room, and the speaker lost me when he said; "The problem with our society today is that 25-30 year old men are living in their parents basement.  Why are they living there?  They can't get a job, because their female counterparts have taken them."  AACCK..

  • Entrepreneurship: Seven Disciplines of Biblical Business Success Russ McGuire

This one was really for #2.  It was informative, and I think he learned a few things.

Justin, #3.5, some bird and #3.



  • Help! My Child Won't Sit Still!! Margaret Porch

This was a good one.  Took lots of notes.. after I took my ADHD meds.

#3.5 and #3 they couldn't get hooked up to the internet…

  • Strategies for the Struggling Reader Margaret Porch

This one was really good.  I think I'll be able to apply this stuff to one of my struggling readers.


You want to know something you usually only see at a homeschool conference?

Dad's with snugglies.