The Day the Dinosaurs Came to Kansas

My boys love dinosaurs.  This last weekend there was an event called Discover the Dinosaurs.

Hey #4 there's something over your shoulder.

dinosaur discovery

I think they figured it out.

Here's #2, #4 and #5 at the entrance.

#5 checking out the teeth.

Dino dentistry.. you're doing it wrong.


Love, true love


#5 liked the "horns" on this guy.  He thought it looked a lot like our neighbors cows.

#4 loved the Dino Dig.

These blow up things… my children love them.  The downside to this little adventure

was the 6.00 per kid it cost to jump on these bad boys.

#5 rode a dinosaur…

#4 chose to go in the mine and look for treasures.

Just in case you haven't see what a kid looks like when you won't buy him a stuffed animal..

this is it.

Did I tell you they loved this place?