Grade “A” Mother

Painted by Brad Bunkers see it on ETSY

**note to The Man.. I want this painting.. You should buy it for me 🙂

I’ve had an interesting childhood. I would never say it was bad, because I believe that everything that happens to us in our life makes us who we are… and except for a few pounds, (and some small personality defects) I wouldn’t change much about who I am or who I’ve become.

I say this because sometimes I miss having a mother.  I was fortunate enough to have two mothers.  One that gave birth to me and took care of me until I was six, and another that adopted me.  Neither of them are in my life currently.  Sometimes like today, that makes me sad.  I would love to share my life with my mother.  I would love to have a mother to mentor me through all of this stuff in life that overwhelms me sometimes.   I would love to have someone to share how  fortunate I am to have 5 children (that I never thought I would have). I would like to have someone to give that painting to.  But for now.. I will feel blessed that I am a mother and that I am apart of 5 very unusual lives.

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