More Photos from My Phone…

I found the file that holds all of my OLD photos from my camera.. Pretty interesting stuff. NOT!

#3 at her dance recital photo shoot in 2007.

How cute! #3 and her friend at dance.

Nancy Boyda (who was our state representative back in 2007) is the woman in this photo. She

came to the Potters Wheel Coffee shop to answer questions and talk to whoever wanted

to listen. I talked to her about the new (to 2007) postal rate hike

I took #1 to get new glasses.. She couldn't decide which glasses she wanted so I had #2-#5

wear the one's she liked.

Here's #5 looking dashing.

Yes.. that's my son #5. I'm a horrible mother. I gave him a "baby hawk" (instead of a mo hawk).

I know he'll need therapy for it later. We have a special fund set up just for therapy.

Here's #2 and Connie. I don't know what to say about his hair… All I know

is he loved his hair to be that way.

Here's #5 with his first ice cream cone. During this phase of his life (and mine) I thought by NOT

cutting his hair he would stay a baby. It didn't work.