The One About My Ovens & A Shout Out to My Mother..

When you live in a house with 9 people things break. When your double oven breaks.. and you normally use both ovens at least 4 times a week… it will put a kink in your meal planning.  Last Monday my menu was: ham, scalloped potatoes, peas and homemade rolls.  It was impossible to make the rolls, ham and potatoes without both ovens.. (first world problem I know). So I had to call my local fix it man… you know The Man.


The Man with the double ovens…trying to fix them.

no pictures please..

There's a red neck joke in here somewhere.. you know the one about your oven being up on blocks…

Don't look.. it's my oven guts!

See that cut above his wedding ring?  We call that  a Workers comp claim.

In just a hour or so he fixed my ovens..

About 18 or so years ago my mother told me… "Suzie, you should marry this guy!  He's a hard worker, He can fix things! Do you know how nice it would be to have a man that could fix things?"   Every once in a while (at least once a year) a girl should admit how right her mother is…So once again you are right mom.  "It is nice to have a man that can fix things!