Clash of The Titans.. WordPress and I Tussle

I had a few problems with WordPress 2.91.. you know the kind of problems where it makes my blog not show up?  I’ve been working on these issues today.. and it’s almost right, but not quite.

But enough of that.. I have a movie to watch.. What movie you ask?

YES.. the 1981 classic Clash of the Titans.. I forced #1 to watch it when we were done with mythology during her junior year of homeschool high school.  She gave me all kinds of problems.. until she started watching it and fell in love like I did.

I admit that 1981 was not the year for special effects.  Check out the Kracken here.

But in 1981 you didn’t watch movies for special effects.. right? (I don’t know I wasn’t

alive in 1981)  Ok that’s a lie.. I was.. but I was like in 7th grade or something.

You should check out Clash of the Titans.. this one..

not so much this one…

Mr. T and Chuck Norris.. 😉

They are going to release a new version of Clash of the Titans in March of 2010.. you can check it out HERE and HERE