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Monday September 10th 2001… I was sitting at Strickers Auction with my friend Tammy.  We were talking about nothing, and everything just like we always do.  That Monday night wasn't significant.  We were probably talking about how high or low the stuff was selling that night.  Or maybe they were auctioning off a mattress, and there was a bullet hole in it.  Or maybe someone was bidding something up SO HIGH we were craning our necks to see who could possibly be paying that kind of money for whatever it was.  All I really remember about that night.. is how wonderful everything seemed.  I didn't know that a few short hours later I would never see the world the same again.


Tuesday September 11th  2001 I woke up thinking about all the things I had to do that day.  I needed to get 3 kids dressed and ready to be in Topeka, Kansas by 10:00am, which is an hour or so drive away from where I live.  I woke up to the Today show.. and was watching that when the first tower was hit.  I was putting on #2's shoes when the second tower was hit.  I was shocked, and freaked out when I loaded up my 16 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old into my car and headed toward Topeka.  On the way there I heard when each of the towers fell. 

If you've never been to Topeka, it's a busy capitol city of Kansas.  I've been downtown on many times, and was use to the traffic and people everywhere.  (It's not New York City or nothing.. but it's busy for Kansas)  When I got downtown.. it was a ghost town.  NO one was walking in the streets. There were only a few cars driving around and almost NO cars parked on the streets.   I went to the parking garage and there were National Guardsman standing at the entrance of the parking garage in full army gear.. with guns.  They told me that I couldn't park in any of the structures, only on the street.  He also said that most all of the government buildings and almost all of the office buildings had been cleared, so my appointment most likely was cancelled.  I parked on the street, and went right into the building. NO ONE was there.  I remember standing in the lobby and thinking; "what is going on here? Have I entered the twilight zone?  

I received a phone call from my dad that morning.  He said he'd been trying to call me, at home and finally got me on my cell phone.  He even joked I was probably standing in the tallest building in Kansas, instead of being at home safe on our little piece of land. 

Normally we make a day of it when we go to Topeka, but that day all we wanted to do was be home. Our hour ride home was sad, we prayed for the people of New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.  I'm not sure what happened when I got home I'm sure I watched the news all day long and well into the night.

The Today Show Throws an eBay Tag Sale!

As part of the TODAY Tag Sale, the TODAY anchors auctioned off some of their prized mementos. All of the money was collected through an eBay charity auction and went directly to the Salvation Army.  TODAY Tag Sale raised a total of $9,551.26 for charity.

I looked at each one of these and was amazed that they sold this stuff in "lots" instead of breaking it apart.  I would imagine that the stuff would have sold better had it been sold individually instead of together.  The other thing that got me was the titles and descriptions.  Instead of putting something like Today Show Ann Curry Olympic Torch Shoes and Pink Mariachi hat.. it's simply "Today Show Auction Ann Curry."  Nothing is mentioned about what is being sold..  Even the descriptions were pretty plain, and only ONE picture.  Maybe next time my favorite morning show could call me.. I'd be happy to make them some cash. 🙂

I really think they missed out on a huge market of people.  Not everyone watches the Today Show (can you believe that?).. so what about the collector of Cabbage Patch dolls or bobble heads or maybe even famously worn "used" shoes?  (ewww)  Did they find out about the auction? Probably not.  Which means they missed out on some cash for their charity the Salvation Army.

today show, ann curry, matt lauer, al rocker, tag sale, women's day, eBay sale

SOLD $3000.00

Ann Curry – A torch carried by Ann Curry at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, 2002. Ann says: "I ran with this — there is actually videotape of me running and almost falling in a pothole, live on national television on the TODAY show … I think it now needs to go to someone who will donate for a good cause."

– Two pairs of heels, including one pair of red, well-worn Steve Madden shoes (size 8 1/2). Ann says: "These are kind of my 'signature' red shoes. They've actually stood up to the test of time."

– Pink mariachi hat. Ann says: "I haven't worn this a lot, but maybe somebody else can find a reason to have it — maybe for a party or a gag gift?"

Check it out HERE

lester holt, today show

Sold $1525.00

Lester Holt – An autographed Ibanez bass guitar that music fan Lester kept in his office to brush up on his skills

Check it out HERE

matt laurer

Sold $1277.77

Matt Lauer – This beaded face of Matt Lauer "was given to me in Capetown, South Africa, years ago on a 'Where in the World' trip, done by a local artist," Matt says.
– Two of Matt's ties (one purple, one blue).

Check it out HERE

bowling pins, hoda, kathie lee

Kathie Lee & Hoda – Kathie Lee and Hoda autographed bowling pins, which were featured in a shoot with their mothers at Bowlmor Lanes in New York City.

Sold for $620.00

Kathie Lee Gifford – Five of Kathie Lee’s dresses, including a Kay Unger frock with a fun bead necklace to accessorize it. 

Check it out HERE

Jenna Wolf

Sold $570.00

Jenna Wolf -A leather racing suit, including jacket, pants and size 7 boots. "It's all leather, and kind of fancy," Jenna says. "I rode up and down the Pacific Coast highway on the back of a motorcycle with this outfit on."

– Bonus item (not pictured): An autographed yellow softball Jenna used when she met the U.S. Olympic women’s softball team in Vancouver. "I went out and practiced with them, and they gave me this ball after I played third base with them," Jenna explains.

Check it out HERE

Sold for $565.00

Hoda Kotb– An autographed cowboy hat from a TODAY shoot in San Antonio, Texas. "We drank a lot of margaritas in this hat; it’s a party hat," Hoda recalls. "You have to have a huge head to wear this!"

– A Cabbage Patch Doll in Hoda’s likeness.

(not shown) – Large wine goblet engraved with "Hoda."

– A signed book about Hoda's beloved New Orleans.

Check it out HERE

Sold $525.00

Al Roker – Autographed bobblehead doll of Al.

– Special-edition Elvis Mr. Potato Head, in its original packaging.

– Matchbox collector's car (a blue Volkswagen convertible) for the 50th anniversary of Matchbox and TODAY.

Check it out HERE

Sold $305.00

Savannah Guthrie – A stylish Kooba leather handbag. "I actually love this purse, cute with jeans, barely been used," Savannah says. "Let's get top dollar for this — this is hard to part with!"

– Solano hair dryer. "This is the mega turbo 2500-watt Solano hair dryer, has traveled all around the world with me," Savannah says. "Every TV person needs this. Do you think that big helmet hair comes easily?"

Check it out HERE

Sold for $300.00

Amy Robach – Pink coat by Beth Bowley, size 2 (retail price: $400-$500). Amy says: "I think I've only worn it two or three times, but when you are out on the Plaza, you need a lot of jackets, so I thought I'd thin it out by one. I thought it was beautiful, I love the color. It's very cute … it's got the three-quarter bell sleeve, which is very 'in' this year."

– Coach leather bag. "This was a gift from my mom," Amy says. "It's very clean on the inside, there aren't any marks. Beautiful, lots of space for cell phones and keys. I think it was worth about $250 or $300."

– Bonus items (not pictured): Two necklaces and earrings


Sold $202.00

Natalie Morales – A Olympic vest from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

– Natalie's personal tennis racket (autographed by Natalie).

– Natalie’s golf shoes (by Foot Joy) in leather, size 7.

Check it out HERE

Interested in see all the auctions? Check it out HERE

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