Saturday Auction Finds… Part One

I went to 2 auctions on Saturday. The first one (which I'm talking about today) was in Wellsville, Kansas.

akro agate, children's dishes, vintage dishes, depression glass

I love this Akro Agate child's tea set pieces. I really wanted some green jadite colored pieces or the depression glass green pieces for myself. I didn't get any green 🙁

Brandon Otto auctioneers

Branden Otto is one of my favorite auctioneers. He's FAST, funny and honest.

I love this chair.. I know it might be ugly to some people.. but I think it's pretty cute. It sold for 27.50 BUT not to me. The man would have killed me… since I brought a chair home from last weeks auction.

This auction had lots of toys and collectibles.

I took this photo before the auction started. I like this fainting couch… but see that LARGE kewpie doll? It sold for over 135.00. Which surprised me a little..

How about a Jane West doll in the original box?

More Dolls…

Doll Furniture

One important thing about auctions? Food. This is #2's German chocolate brownie.. Looks good huh?

This little guy sold for $200.00

Here's some of the stuff I got… Doll furniture, ironstone, a few pieces of Akro Agate glass, celluloid carnival dolls, paper dolls, embroidered linens, an old baby scale (for #6) and some trolls.