A Messy Messy Night

paper mache, gross hands, flour water hands

This picture doesn't really do the messiness of our hands justice.

For the last several years I've been responsible for the VBS crafts at our church.  Last night was the first night of Vacation Bible School and my toadie #1 and I were covered in flour and water.  We are making paper mache flicker nightlights..

It took several washing to get all the flour and water glue off my hands.  I'm not sure my wedding ring will ever be the same. 😉


Here's what they looked like last night.  I think we made around 70 of these.

The kids made them.. then #1 and I went back over them to make sure they were fully covered.  When they are dry we will poke holes in them, add decoration and a light..

Is it Too Soon for Hall-o-ween.. NOPE

Last weekend we had a little party at my mother in laws house.  She is super cool.. and has some great vintage and new Hall-o-ween stuff.  Here’s a tiny glimpse into her cool stuff.

vintage halloween, pumpkins, ghosts, black cats

Metal ghost holding a pumpkin.

Paper mache black cat on a pumpkin.

Pumpkins on top of the TV.

Cute little paper mache witches shoe.

Cute pumpkin house…

Crackled paper mache pumpkin…