Day One of Adventures with Traveling Batman

The Man, Traveling Batman and I went on a trip to Saint Louis.. Here is our first day.

The Man & I leaving..

Hey.. those kids look TOO happy that their parents are leaving..

Um.. that’s not much better .. #1. You’ll be begging me to come back home in about

3hours. #2 is looking sad.. That #5 thinks his Spiderman webs will stop the car.

Ahhh.. on the road with Traveling Batman…

We reached Blue Springs, MO and had to eat something. Batman wanted Bueno Taco.

(He likes their fresh tomato salsa)

He loves a good guacamole too!

Time for a pit stop.. Traveling Batman liked these super clean bathrooms..

See his smile.. that’s a happy dude..

This photo is especially for #2. You see this would be #2’s perfect meal.

French Fries, Bacon and Ranch dressing.. Batman appears to be cheering for them also.

Batman likes to pump gas.

Look at that form! Superman doesn’t look that good flying in the air!

AAAH.. we arrived in our hotel room. Just like a Super Hero.. Batman (seen here with

one of the Penguin’s penguin) wanted to play a few Nintendo games.

Playing games made him tired.. time for a little nap.

AHHH.. relaxation..