Always Back Up Your Drives… or my Tale of Woe..

You know when people say you need to back up your drives everyday? You should do it. I have a 8G flash drive I use(d) to hold all of my eBay photos, blog photos and church photos. I love (d) my little green flash drive.

See? I even have a LOVE charm on the end of it. We

had a great relationship this flash drive and I.

This isn't the best photo.. it was taken with my cell phone and

I thought it would represent how I feel on the inside with a bad photo

(I'm so full of teenage angst) 😉

And just like that.. it up and died on me.. and the doofus I am,

I had not backed it up since early October. Learn from my

mistakes .. and always back up your drives.

This message brought to you by The Man.. "If you'd do what I tell you, you would be happier."