I went to a Graduation and Kid Rock Showed up

I’ve never seen anything like this 8th grade promotion, or graduation as some people call it.  Ottawa Middle School Gym was packed!  I’m not sure if you could get another body in there.  When I was in school, we went from 8th grade to 9th grade without any “pomp or circumstance”.

So.. I’m sitting there.. waiting for it all to begin and..

Holy Smokes! Who is that guy?

Could it be.. could Ottawa Middle School promotion snagged a celebrity?

Nope.. but it looked like  him.. huh?

This “graduation” or Promotion included the normal stuff…





AND…. What’s this?

Have I entered an alternate universe? The side pony tail, the satin jacket, blue print mini skirt… Could I be back in 1981?

Holy Smokes.. I think I’ve traveled back in time.. there’s the “1980’s girl”,  the “Mizzou” Missouri shirt.. and see that guy in the red tie? That was MY TEACHER when I was in school..

(side note.. I “graduated” from 8th grade in 1981.. from Raymore-Peculiar Middle School in Peculiar Missouri.. where everyone wore their “Missouri” shirts… and their hair in side ponytails  and that guy was my teacher.. my senior year)

I’ve now entered the Twilight Zone.