Fountain Pens, Nerds & Reading Glasses

fountain pen, crazy reader glasses

I bought this kid a fountain pen.  He promised me that if he had  a

super cool fountain pen.. he would write better. (ask me if I believe


After purchasing this nice pen on eBay.. we could not figure out

how to operate it.  #2 had a hard time reading the tiny print,

and he has better than 20/20 vision!  He put on these reading

glasses and still couldn’t read what it said.

fountain pen

To which is father said.. “Give me the pen.”   He looked it over and

did this move (below)..

He lifts UP his glasses to read the tiny print.  How weird is this?

It’s very strange to me.  We have never figured out what the tiny words say.

We bought ink cartridges, but it didn’t take those… which only

left one option.. REAL bottled ink.  So now if #2 wants to use his

new pen, he has to do it outside.

(PS.. I realize this child looks like a doofus in these photos.. but that’s just what he does to make me laugh)