Libraries are for Reading the Paper right?

The “older” kids had a pool party to go to this evening, so #5 and I went to the library. As we were headed into the library he said: “We need to get on a plane and go see Obama.” I asked why, all the while thinking I wonder what his father has told him now…#5 said “I want to talk to him about Spiderman we need his help.”

Is that sweet?

#5 playing games at the library.

He wouldn’t looked at me.. I begged him too.. but he couldn’t take his eyes off PBS Kids.

..cherry lime-aids make life better.

#5 and some old lady..

He got a little bored with the computer and chose to read the paper.

He’s only 4…. but enjoys a good newspaper.

I’m just not sure what he’s doing here… but he always looks so cute doing it..