Oh Good Gravy… When Recycling Gets You In Trouble…

I sell stuff on several different venues.. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and my own e-commerce site.  I received an email from an Etsy customer that horrified me and made me laugh at the same time.

XXXXXX sent you a conversation on October 25, 2012.

CUSTOM listing for XXXX


I hope your family problem improves. I saw the post that appeared on the inside of the paper you used as a mailing label. It sounds as if you and your former son-in-law are having difficulties. 🙁

I wasn't sure what this lady meant…

  1. I'm not having any "family" problems.
  2. I don't have a son-in-law, let alone a former one.
  3. What the heck is she talking about?

Then I realized…. we recycle our copy paper…. and use it for shipping labels. What could have possibly been on the back of the shipping label that would make my customer think I had a "son-in-law" problem? 

Then #1 reminded me we had printed screen shots of the stuff my stalker put on his Facebook page about me. I freaked out.. and then proceeded to go through all the screen shots, trying to figure out why my customer would think he was my son-in-law.  Here's what i came up with…

After reading this you might think I know this guy.. BUT I'VE NEVER MET HIM.. OR SPOKE TO HIM on the PHONE or IN PERSON..

I emailed the customer back, apologized and let them know what had happened.  Fortunately she wasn't offended by his foul language, horrendous spelling and bad grammar.  

From now on we'll be checking to see what we recycle onto the back of our shipping labels. 🙂

A Day in the Life of a Recycling; Recycler

#1 and I make a trip each week to the closest recycling center my little town has. She just needed some newspaper, and didn't need my help… I sat in the car playing words with friends when I noticed this.

I guess she couldn't  reach the newspapers.. and needed to climb in.

It's about this time she realizes it's hard to get out than it was to get in.

Is she motioning for me to come help her?

We call this photo.. "ashamed."