Don’t Be a Miserable Cow!


I've said this to myself a million times, "Don't be a MISERABLE COW!"  When I do, it's because something is not going my way. Today it's because I really feel like a miserable cow.  Someone in our family has been ill since the second week in December. :/  Currently there are several colds, sore throats, PINK EYE and the freakin' FLU.  *I am the one with the flu.* 🙁


Since I have the flu, I can't hug the baby (#6)… so this is how we hug. 

I hope your home is happy, healthy and warm!



Something You Don’t See Very Often…

Yesterday at my house it was a weird, weird day.  Something happened that NEVER happens.  The Man was sick.  It's not that he has some super human gene that wards off germs..  He's just the kind of guy that goes to work no matter how he feels.  (I'm pretty lucky huh?)

#5 Amazed..

It is such a strange thing… that #1 has only seen her dad stay home from work because he was sick… twice… #2 wrote this on Facebook: "If I had a dollar for every day my dad missed work because he was sick, I'd have a dollar."  I've known the guy for almost 2 decades. He's missed work 2 times.  Once because he was in the hospital with a virus in the sac that is around his heart and yesterday.  On snow days.. you know when EVERY SCHOOL in 5 counties is closed.. and churches and storm shelters are closed?  He goes to work. 

#6  can not believe his dad is still in bed….