A View from My Cell Phone.

I was sitting in my car, waiting on my kids.. and I started looking at my cell phone pictures. Holy Smokes, there are A LOT on there. Apparently I take photos of things.. and I don't even realize or remember it!

There is this one.. I think I wanted to make this a degu cage..

but in reality knew it wouldn't work. #3 is looking cute!

I believe this kid stole my phone and took this photo. There are more

"stolen phone" photos on my phone than ones that I have actually taken.

I call this photo "wishful thinking". Why? Well.. I took the photo of

the Smith and Hawken Target display, hoping my family would buy

me something from this collection for Mother's Day. They didn't 🙁

I'm going to call this picture "Bad Kitty". The Man and I

were walking around The Plaza a year or so ago. There was a HUGE line

outside of the MAC makeup store. We looked in and there was this guy..

Interesting photo huh? What do you think the employment

ad said for this job? "Man with great abs needed to wear Hello Kitty Head"

Or "If you've got the body, we've got your head!" or maybe "Male model

needed to stand in make up store and look cute"? You know The Man has

that body.. and I can't imagine how anyone would get him in those pants 😉