Let’s Go Vote… and Then Go To Happy Hour!

I know my experience voting in rural Kansas is different than it is for most people in the United States. Here's a little glimpse into what happened today.

Briles School House

Here's where we vote.. It's a little one room school house.  It's also where The Man and I had our wedding reception.

There were probably 5 people in there when we arrived, three working and two voting.

Here's what it looks like on the inside.

My ballot.. (not filled out)  I was ready for these votes…

But the back.. I had no idea about this bad boy! I should have brought my reading glasses!

Kansas Motto, Kansas Seal


#1 Exercising her right to vote.. 🙂

The other monkey's waiting…

While we were there, a photographer from Getty Images was taking photos. I chatted with her briefly outside and #5 yelled from the car; "MOM! Come ON! We're gonna miss Happy Hour!"  I don't know if she heard him or not, but I quickly explained that I had promised them I would take them to Sonic Happy Hour after we voted..

See? Drinks from Sonic!

(Don't worry about #2 he wouldn't look normal no matter how many times I told him)

#6 got his first Sonic cherry limeade! 🙂