Space Shuttle Columbia, Babies, Birthdays and Bad Dreams

Seven years ago today I had this..

Funny picture.. but here’s a better one..

He’s pretty cute huh?

It’s never been easy for me to give birth to a child.  I know.. I know.. most women feel that way… but  my births always have 30+ hours of labor.

Look at that sweet baby face and big eyes.  Makes me want to squeeze him!

With this kid it was no different.  My doctor gave me some kind of pain killers that made me sleep.  I still felt the pain.. but I was knocked out…. Or maybe delusional was more like it.  On the same day #4 was born,  (February 1, 2003)  the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas.    During my drug induced stupor The Man was watching TV and chatting with the nurses or doctors that came in to check on me.

Look at those guns!

They were talking and  I was dreaming… vivid dreams in Technicolor.  I kept hearing about the Space Shuttle, but in my dream, I knew the last time the Space Shuttle had issues was 1986!  I thought, “HOLY SMOKES, I am 17 years old and knocked up! My mom is going to KILL me!”  When I finally woke up… I had tears coming down my cheeks. I really believed I was  17 and pregnant.  I was NEVER so glad to see The Man.. oh and this kid…

Here’s #4 modeling a vintage coat and hat for me to sell on eBay.  He’s that

kind of kid.  He’s always there to help someone out even at 2yrs old.

I guess he has a thing for hats!

Happy Birthday #4… our family would not be complete without

you and your sweet smile.  Oh… nice ‘stache