Lizards, Toads and Peach Faced Love Birds… OH MY

It was a pretty unusual Sunday. Instead of going to our church, we were visitors at Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, KS.

If you live near or around GEPC..go visit! I can’t say enough good things about them.

After church we ate lunch and headed to one of our most favorite places to hang out in Lawrence.. Pet World. They have a variety of different animals not only daily but seasonally. We especially love the GIANT tortoises that are there in the winter time.

Pile of Bearded Dragons (I think)

Here’s The Man (elbow), #4 and #3.

I am not a snake, lizard, spider, skink person.. but this snake is pretty cool.

#4 is saying “Look it’s Nemo!”

HOLY SMOKES.. this just looks like a close up of a frog.. BUT this is not

just a frog.. this thing is about 7″ across. (he looks angry doesn’t he? I want him)

#4 has become the Vanna White of Snakes…

This is some kind of monitor or something.. a little creepy to me.

It does have soulful eyes though…

I didn’t get the best photo of this hamster. It has some funky name..

but I think he has a Mark Twain or Einstein mustache.

Pet World had a mated pair of Peach Faced Love Birds… that had well.. mated!

They had 3 babies and one egg.. you can sort of see the white egg and

that peach-y red stuff next to it is a baby.

#5 loved the Peach Faced Love Birds

Fiddler Crabs.. they are so much fun to watch..

The big snail is about the size of a quarter.. The tiny one.. about the size of an eraser

Here’s a close up of a snail’s mouth. #4 really wanted a photo of the snails mouth..

#3 feeding the parakeets.

#4 petting the bunnies.