The Power of eBay Community: Jillian Michaels sells her Motorcycle for Haiti

I have seen the power of the eBay community first hand over the 11 years I’ve been on eBay.  I love to see celebrities use eBay for the greater good.  Here is a fabulous example of that.

Here’s what Jillian says about the bike and Haiti:

“When I was 28 years old and at a major cross roads in my life something in my heart called me to Haiti.  I was soul searching, lost, confused, looking for direction.  I was in Haiti for roughly 3 weeks. I traveled the entire country from Cap-Haitien through Port-Au-Prince down to Jacmel.   I went there not knowing what to expect and even slightly scared for my well being.  What I found was shocking.  The people were the most kind, loving, open and generous souls I had ever met.  Even with nothing, living in shanties, they would literally give you the shirts off their backs.  They brought me into their homes. Fed me soup.  Shared their stories and their culture.  Showed me the true potential of the human spirit. They showed me how to cultivate the fabric of resilience, and gave me an overall perspective on life that changed me forever.

You may remember on my return to Biggest Loser for Season 4,  I rode up on the most insane motorcycle.  This motorcycle was a fully customized Yamaha FZ1.  Hand painted for me by Troy Lee. It was customized to the point of being nearly unrecognizable.  It has titanium pipes, belly pan fairings, modified mirrors, iPod and iPhone capabilities,  and a special alarm. You name it, the bike has it.  This bike is special to me. It holds tremendous sentimental value symbolizing my return home to Biggest Loser.  I find it only fitting that it’s sale helps benefit the people who took me into their homes.  I am auctioning it off to a new loving home and all the proceeds will be donated to to benefit the Haitian people.

Happy bidding and lots of love,

Jillian Michaels”

How cool is this?  Do you want to see this bike first hand?  Check it out HERE.  The auction ends January 25, 2010