Top 5 eBay Items I want this week!

It's that time again.. time for my TOP 5 eBay items I want this week…

I've wanted a vintage Fiesta Mixing bowl set for ages! This one is perfect…

Want to see it? Go here eBay item #120489097044

This combines my 2 of my favorite things, Quilts and Christmas.

Want to see it? Go here eBay item 290364866207

I love this Quilt. It's a floral applique quilt from the 1800's. The border

is probably my favorite. Here it is. eBay item 360169126262

This Adams Caylx Metz Coffeepot would complete my Metz Collection.

Want to see it? Go Here or eBay item #400077042104

OOOH.. I need this.. I hope The Man.. or one of my beloved children see this.

You see I collect Fitz and Floyd Market Pig stuff and Pig Heads. This would be

a perfect gift from my family .. hint.. hint. Want to see it? Go here or eBay item #170401042076