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Black Friday.. in Pictures

Did you go shopping on Black Friday?  I did.. here's my strange day in photos.

I spent the day with The Man's family, and on the way home we stopped at Toys R Us in Olathe, Kansas. I thought I would run in and grab the *two* things I wanted.  That was a joke!

Toys R Us,  Olathe Kansas, Shopping, black Friday

Its hard to tell here, but the line goes all the way around the building. We didn't stop, just  headed home.  At 11:30pm I headed back out and Toys R Us looked pretty much the same way.  We left Toys R Us and went to Target.

olathe, kansas police department

Here's #1 and #2 next to one of Olathe's finest.

target, target loss prevention, olathe kansas, black friday

Target Loss Prevention had their people on Segways.  It was hard to get his picture.

He was giving people directions on what to do while standing in the Target Black Friday Line.  I called him over and he let me take his photo.. he was a really nice guy… funny too!  We only stood outside for about 5 minutes (not too bad)

A couple of years ago #1 and I took P*tricky with us shopping  oh and here too.  This year we took #2 with us.  He certainly made the day interesting.

jersey shore calendar, twilight calendar, target black friday

I don't have ANY idea what he's doing..

Smith and Hawkin pig, watering can

Hello cute pig watering can!

Smith and Hawkin, rose christmas wreath


#1 Messin' with Sasquatch Beef stick. #2 ate like 5 of these today.

#2 spending some of his birthday money he received yesterday.  It's not his birthday for a month.. but we celebrated anyway.  He purchased 2 games for his computer.. but apparently was sleep walking and at about 10:00 am he said "When did I buy those games?". Here's proof he bought them without coercion.

We left Target at around 1:30 am and headed to Old Navy.  You should know I love Old Navy, and shop there a lot…  We walked around and figured out that there was a 50 minute wait in the line that wrapped all the way around the store and prevented us from shopping in the rest of the store.  A line that prevents people from shopping.. is not a good line 🙁

fur vest

#2 thought he should try on a little girl's vest that was "soft like a bear."

After the Old Navy line debacle we shopped at Kohl's had a Hotsie at Quick Trip, then slept waited in the car at Big Lots.  Big Lots had a few things I wanted, but they lacked the organization of customers that a store needed on Black Friday.  There were probably 50 to 100 people there.. but it was the employees that made me not stick around and buy something. (I could tell you this story but you'd gag on your Cheerios Seriously!)

From Big Lot we went to Michaels, then Wal-mart.  Wal-mart was EMPTY.  It was so empty, I parked up close, next to a handicap spot!

#1 trying to block my shot.

I'm not as big of a fan as some people I know.. but check out these KU and K State Christmas Trees!

If you don't want a tree here are a few wreaths or garland for you.

#2 checking out the Wal-mart optical department.

Cute nerd!

We went to Walgreens to pick up a few things.  While visiting their bathroom I noticed this strange door, 12 feet off the ground.

Owling, hawking

We left Walgreens and went to Hobby Lobby.  Where #2 thought it would be  good idea to do some Owling… which he promptly called "Hawking".

Hobby Lobby made this little muffin tired.

You'd think the mother of 6 children would come out of this store broke… but I came out empty handed!  I obviously got there too late (about 2:00pm)

#1 loves a good a good parking job!  Happy Black Friday until next year!

An Interview with a Fourteen Year Old..

cutest boy ever!

This morning I was drawing a blank on what to blog about.. so I looked

at was sitting next to me.. and started asking questions.. unfortunately

he was a bit grumpy today.

Queenie: So do you have time for an interview?

#2 Not really.

Queenie: Um.. what do you need to do that is more important than talking to your mother?

#2: Cleaning out the car for my mother?

Queenie: You’ve postponed doing that for days.. you have time. Trust me. What’s your favorite thing about me?

#2 You can cook food.

Queenie: Anyone can cook food.  That’s not really a skill.

#2 No they can’t.

#2 and #5 taking a nap. Makes me want to SQUEEZE them.

Queenie: What are you going to do when you go to college?

#2: Come home and eat.

Queenie: What do you want to be when you grow up?

#2: I want to own a website design studio.

Queenie: What are the five best things about you?

#2 I can’t answer that. I’m not really full of myself like that.

Queenie: Ok.. I’ll answer it for you.

  1. You are kind.
  2. Generous with your time
  3. You love your family
  4. You have the best sense of humor and make me laugh all the time.
  5. You love Jesus and aren’t afraid to tell people

Queenie: Who’s the best teacher you’ve ever had?

#2: You, I’m homeschooled. You are the only one I’ve ever had.

#5, “Sookie” the cat and #2

Queenie: Do you want to go to public school?

#2: No. Because it would just cause problems for me, and I would have to get up early and I couldn’t eat whenever I wanted.

Queenie: How much allowance do you think you deserve a week?

#2: At least $10.00.  But none really because you give me food, water, a house and take me places. But $10.00 would be nice.

Queenie: If you could do anything or go anywhere with just me. What would you want to do?

#2: I guess go to Kansas City and hang out with you.  It’s my favorite thing to do.

Queenie: Which one of your friends do you think I like the best?

I do love that Westly kid..

#2: That Westley kid.

Queenie: If someone gave you a million dollars what would you do with it?

#2: Invest part of it and buy a bunch of rental houses.

Queenie: What’s your favorite sport?

#2: I don’t play sports.

Queenie: If you were sad, what meal could I make you that would make you happy?

#2: Ham Steak grilled with your mustard sauce.

Queenie: Do I ever embarrass you?

Looking good in the shoes.

#2: No

Queenie: What about that time in Wal-mart  (you can see that here)

#2: That was just annoying.

Queenie: What do you think of my driving?

#2: It get’s me from point A to point B.  So far I’ve always arrive alive. So you must be doing something right.

Queenie: What’s my best quality?

#2 and his mother..

#2: You are a mom.

Queenie: What’s my worst?

#2: You are a mom.

Queenie: What does that mean?

#2: I don’t know but it’s true.

Queenie: Do you have any last words?

#2: Not really.

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