Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 7: Shadow

Today the sun was not out… and I had a cool idea for a "shadow" picture.  I waited.. and waited. Then I got a little busy and forgot. 

I found this photo on the internet.  I thought I would copy this using The Man's wedding ring and the Bible. … But I ran out of time with that too. :/


Hey.. Happy Easter 🙂

The Man Takes Off His Wedding Ring!

I was so caught up in grading homeschool papers I put off blogging… It seems all I’ve done is go to church, grade papers and cook.

The Man came into the kitchen to wash his hands (I thought).. until one of the kids said; (in a LOUD voice) “Dad’s taking off his wedding ring!” That’s a pretty unusual thing in our house. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it off is finger. Apparently he must remove it when he is working with concrete..

This is the hand of The Man… and that is his wedding ring. Do you see

the indention around his finger? It looks like his wedding ring is

choking him. I asked him if it was, and he just laughed..

Look how it’s messed up his finger..

I told him I want to take a picture of it..

and he said “I’m not going to be fodder for your blog!”

(um.. ok.. I guess he doesn’t realize he’s ALWAYS fodder for my blog)

By the end of the day.. it’s back on where it’s suppose to be.

By the way what is fodder? Fodder: inferior or readily available material used to supply a heavy demand.