Listing Listy.. or Holy Smokes I have a Plan

#4 says.. GET TO WORK!

I’ve never done this before on my blog… I am confessing my dark secret for list making. I make them, and I rarely show people. Why? Because they embarrass me. My lists are full of things I probably won’t get done, but I hope I do. Here’s Thursday’s June 4th’s list:

1. Blog

2. Write letter to Franklin County Youth Leaders. (to see if they want to have coffee sometime and chat about what’s going on in their groups)

3. Send Summer youth Group Schedule out to the youth.

4. Call churchs involved in the Mission Stay

5. Plan Mexican Night Youth Fundraiser

6. Work on Basement (now that my dad’s junk is gone)

7. Figure out what’s for dinner. (I want French toast.. but I don’t have any eggs!)

8. Smack Photographer around.. and get eBay photos taken.

9. Water Plants, plant seedlings, and tie up the morning glories

10. Re-arrange family room.

11. Clean School Room

12. Grade the papers that have not graded themselves yet.

13. Write up the vintage jewelry to sell on eBay.

14. Clean… Clean… Clean…. my house.. house.. house