The One about Taking a Homeschooler to Public School

I take #4 to speech at our local public school for a couple of hours everyday.  #5 goes with me to do his school work while #4 is there working on his R's and L's.  Each day we walk by the cafeteria and smell the food, each kid takes a turn trying to guess what the kids are having each day… and the same thing happens.. they beg and beg to stay and eat lunch.  I promise them we will eat someday, and our someday came on Tuesday.

They did great standing in line, getting the silverware, napkin and food… but apparently homeschooling doesn't teach a kid everything they need to know in life.

Like how to open a milk carton.


He asked for help from a friend sitting next to him…

And was on his way to drinking chocolate milk and eating his mashed potatoes and chopped steak with gravy.