Happy Birthday #1


Today is #1's birthday… I'd tell you how old she is, and then you'd know how old *I* am.. so we are not going to divulge that information today. 🙂


rachelnursebuttShe's going to kill me for this…

rachelannoyedAnd this…

  rachelrecycle9We call this picture.. stuck at the recycling center.




kelsierachelHappy Birthday #1

18 Years.. 18 Years.. 18 Years..


March 17th was a big day for us.  It marked 18 years of me being #1's mother. Most people don't realize that #1 is not my biological daughter, and when they find out they are totally shocked.. and usually say "You two look so much a like!" or "I can't believe that! You would never know by looking at you!" 


#1 was The Man's from a previous marriage… when I met him, I really liked her better than I liked him.


When I married The Man; #1 walked me down the aisle… and she cried.  You know like sobbing.  I told her to stop and she said, "I can't! I'm just so happy!"  (She didn't seem happy).  Over the years we've shared countless funny moments… I wouldn't trade anything.


Thanks for being my daughter!

Something that Sells on eBay: Black Cats for Halloween

In honor of Halloween and #1’s love for stupid black cats…

 black cat, vintage halloween, pictures, love cats

Antique German Halloween Heavily Embossed Black Cat on Fence 12 ¾ square SOLD 1608.14 by eBay Seller blubonnetonit  Check it out HERE 

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Very Rare Black Cat Oswald West Germany Working Wind Up clock SOLD $611.00 by eBay Seller djt0473  Check it out HERE 


Close up

Halloween 1920’s Large Crepe Paper Witch Black Cat Pumpkin Grim Reaper Death SOLD $565.00 by eBay Seller darree1  Check it out HERE 

German Halloween Composition Black Cat, Pumpkin Candy Container SOLD $550.00 by eBay Seller jolfarmer  Check it out HERE 


Large US Beistle Black Cat Honey Comb Decoration SOLD 536.00 by eBay Seller jolfarmer  Check it out HERE 


This is what I think #1 would really want…

PFATT Primitive Folk Art Halloween Alice Nutter Black Cat Doll Joyce Stahl EHAG an Original Enchanted Production by Joyce Stahl SOLD $$495.00 by eBay Seller villagegiftshoppe Check it out HERE 

Happy Birthday #1 Does it Feel Like You’ve Lived 1/4 of a Century?

It’s this child’s birthday.. and just like all my children.. she has “issues”.

She likes to sleep.

(Holy smokes.. she’s gonna kill me for this one)

She LOVES to model eBay stuff.

She modeled around 25 vintage nurse outfits one time..

#1 is famous in our home for her “looks” .. This is the “mildly amused,

but I’m still gonna smack you” look.

This is “annoyed.. but not speaking to you” look.

Most people would think this is a happy look.. but it’s not..

she’s actually angry that her brother took this photo when she was

not ready.

Stop.. Hammertime..

She loves coffee…

I’m serious.. she really loves it.

(why don’t you just marry it then?)

Speaking of marriage.. I’m married to that guy.. and what a

coincidence that’s #1’s dad too!  Don’t they look cute?  Do you want to know

what they were laughing at?

#4’s super long tongue..  interrupting my photos.

She likes this Big Ugly Dog too..

She loves her goof ball siblings.. that sometimes torture her.

Happy Birthday #1..  Your family loves you.. and…

I think this guy does too..