Something that Sells on eBay: Black Cats for Halloween

In honor of Halloween and #1’s love for stupid black cats…

 black cat, vintage halloween, pictures, love cats

Antique German Halloween Heavily Embossed Black Cat on Fence 12 ¾ square SOLD 1608.14 by eBay Seller blubonnetonit  Check it out HERE 

 black cat, bank, alarm clock, vintage

Very Rare Black Cat Oswald West Germany Working Wind Up clock SOLD $611.00 by eBay Seller djt0473  Check it out HERE 


Close up

Halloween 1920’s Large Crepe Paper Witch Black Cat Pumpkin Grim Reaper Death SOLD $565.00 by eBay Seller darree1  Check it out HERE 

German Halloween Composition Black Cat, Pumpkin Candy Container SOLD $550.00 by eBay Seller jolfarmer  Check it out HERE 


Large US Beistle Black Cat Honey Comb Decoration SOLD 536.00 by eBay Seller jolfarmer  Check it out HERE 


This is what I think #1 would really want…

PFATT Primitive Folk Art Halloween Alice Nutter Black Cat Doll Joyce Stahl EHAG an Original Enchanted Production by Joyce Stahl SOLD $$495.00 by eBay Seller villagegiftshoppe Check it out HERE 

Something to Sell on eBay Mountain Dew Collectibles

Mint Mountain Dew Soda Cola Hillbilly Bottle Jug Country Store Tin Sign NOS SOLD $1,132.77 by eBay Seller sodapopcollector check it out HERE 


Light Up Huge 40” Mountain Dew Cola Soad Hillbilly Advertising Clock Sold $1000.  By eBay Seller kennybrooks.  Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage 1964 Mountain Dew Bottle No Name, Numbered Very Nice Condition.  Sold 565.75 by eBay Seller stonemountaindew Check it out HERE 


Vintage Antique Soda Advertising Mountain Dew Hillbilly Sign.  Sold $361.56 By eBay Seller Seamusnharry Check it out HERE 


Mountain Dew RED Very Rare Glass Bottle SOLD $220.00 by eBay Seller hillbillydavis  Check it out HERE 


Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 17: Time

Today's Pinterest photo challenge is a picture of TIME.  I was thinking I would take a photo of my favorite clock in the house.. and realized I hadn't hung it up like I thought I had…(it needs a new battery).  Then I thought I could take a photo of time in my house,  but I was in my car most of the day…..

pinterst time, photo challenge

So I took a photo of time on my car stereo.  That little "badge" thing is from last years WordCamp (WordPress conference) and it hangs on my mirror.  Not the exciting photo(s) I had planned.

Antique German Carved Wood Monkey Clock

Check out this really cool time keeper: HERE  Sold for $9950.00

Something that Sells on eBay Coca Cola Collectibles

I was looking through some old photos yesterday and came across this one..

This is The Man, #2 and #1.. at the Atlanta Airport, with the Coca Cola sign.  This made me wonder about Coke Products on eBay.


Coke sofa

Coca Cola Couch Sofa Coke Cooler Hot Rod Garage 1940’s Vintage Furniture  SOLD $2,900.00 by eBay Seller TheVintageSpoke  Check it out HERE 

 coca cola bike, bicycle, vintage bike, delivery

1950’s Replica Coke Cola Cooler Bike Very Collectible SOLD $2500.00 by eBay Seller My_Sell_Online_Auction Check it out HERE 

 coke, policeman, sign, vintage coca cola

Rare Coca Cola Kay Displays Police Man Sign Coke 1930’s SOLD $1975.00 by eBay Seller ajf5577  Check it HERE 


Coca-Cola National Cash Register & Coke Clock SOLD $1515.15 Check it out HERE 


Vintage Coca Cola sign Sailor Girl in Short & Sailboat SOLD $966.81  Check it out HERE