Starbucks in a Trailer.. Park Or The Remodeling Job


starbucks, trailer, I love starbucks, re modeling

Last Thursday we were out in Lee's Summit.  I noticed the Starbucks that I had visited on NUMEROUS occasions.. and the first place I first tasted my favorite drink… White Chocolate Mocha (non fat). Had changed.  It no longer was a free standing, non-moving building, but a trailer.. on WHEELS!

Starbucks, lee's summit, 291, white chocolate mocha

Seriously… This is Starbucks.

The cones are part of the drive thru.  You can sorta see in the background the old Starbucks that is being re-modeled.

Here is the storage area. Festive basket huh?

Seating… notice the nice flooring.

Fancy bathroom…

starbucks, trailer, I love starbucks, re modeling

This remodeling-Starbucks in a trailer.. cracks me up.

I wanted to ask the employees..

  • What the customers think of the new building?
  • Do they still have wifi?
  • Has anyone stolen anything from the "storage" shed?
  • Anyone ran over your drive thru cones?
  • Have customers been nice or do they complain?
  • Had any strange people take photos of the new operation? 😉