Birthday Cards.. and Family Secrets


I received quite a few cards for my birthday yesterday.  I thought I would share a few of the funny ones with you.

bdcard11I'm grateful for you… (cheese and a grater.. get it)

bdcard10If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas…

bdcard9A good Mom is like a Good Bra…

bdcard8Supportive, makes you look better and hard to find!

**if you don't know this.. I've been selling bras on eBay for quite sometime now.


bdcard6Mommy, I love You  Happy Birthday  (that pretty much says it all :))

bdcard5One of my cards was a cute pig with a heart nose.

bdcard3I receive a really cute Vera Bradley bag from the Man.. and there was a card…

bdcard2This is what the inside of the card said…  "Rachel HIDE IT" 

You see when The Man bought this he thought he was giving special instructions to his oldest child #1 on the shipping LABEL. so when the package arrived, #1 would HIDE the package, he didn't realize he was signing a card.. for the present. 

bdcard12This card was from my sweet husband… and yes.. he knows how to get stuff done 😉