Birthday Cards.. and Family Secrets


I received quite a few cards for my birthday yesterday.  I thought I would share a few of the funny ones with you.

bdcard11I'm grateful for you… (cheese and a grater.. get it)

bdcard10If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas…

bdcard9A good Mom is like a Good Bra…

bdcard8Supportive, makes you look better and hard to find!

**if you don't know this.. I've been selling bras on eBay for quite sometime now.


bdcard6Mommy, I love You  Happy Birthday  (that pretty much says it all :))

bdcard5One of my cards was a cute pig with a heart nose.

bdcard3I receive a really cute Vera Bradley bag from the Man.. and there was a card…

bdcard2This is what the inside of the card said…  "Rachel HIDE IT" 

You see when The Man bought this he thought he was giving special instructions to his oldest child #1 on the shipping LABEL. so when the package arrived, #1 would HIDE the package, he didn't realize he was signing a card.. for the present. 

bdcard12This card was from my sweet husband… and yes.. he knows how to get stuff done 😉

Birthday Schmirthday.. What Do You Get the Woman that Has Everything?

Each year my husband asks me what I want for my birthday… Here's a few things on my wish list for this year.

I need a new laptop bag.  I like this one by "Elleven"  You can get it at the eBay Shop   HERE

The Man is probably not going to like the eBay laptop bag…

so there is always the Vera Bradley Shop that has this one that is 40% Off until Monday July 9th

Reserved Brand Black T-Shirt Rhinestone Cross Angel Wings Blue Stones T-Shirt 18.99 Get it HERE


Black Leather Cole Haan Purse 42.00  You can get this HERE 


Pigs in Love Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas by M. Murphy  11.99  HERE


Perfect Scents to get THIS   or A gift certificate for a pedicure is always nice 🙂


Candles are 50% off HERE



Melissa Shirley Pig Needlepoint.. How cute is this?  You know I need it.. You can get it HERE


You know you can always go to Marshalls or Home Goods…. or you could just take me to dinner and a movie 🙂

 You already made me the mother of this motley crew… so what more could I ask for?

What is Suzani? Or Hey.. I Love this!

I like to give The Man a few hints.. on what I would like for Christmas.  I came across this new Vera Bradley pattern.. and I LOVE IT..

vera bradley Suzani

Vera Bradley Suzani pattern

I had never heard of the term Suzani before.  Did you know that Suzani is a type of embroidery?

You can find this HERE

The term Suzani means "needlework"–specifically, the exquisite silk thread embroidery panels made by Uzbek women. Traditionally this embroidery work began at the birth of a daughter and continued, with the help of family and friends, until the bride's dowry was complete.


I would love to Vera Bradley's Suzani in the "Good Book Cover" or the "Accordion Wallet" or "The Metropolitian" (but it's kinda pricy) or the "Tech Case

Something to Sell on eBay: Vera Bradley Bags

Vera Bradley, christmas, retired, bag, purse, handbag, tote

Vera Bradley Retired Rare Vintage Christmas Tote Bag SOLD $179.00 by eBay Seller tbear41.  Check it out HERE 

 Vera Bradley, Quilt, make a vera bradley quilt, DIY Vera, Napkin remnants

What a fabulous idea! I would love to do this!

Make Your Quilt from Vera Bradley 81 Napkin Remnants 85/w New Winter Patterns SOLD $175.00 by eBay Seller mrbrojimmy  Check it out HERE 

 vera bradley, red, placemat, retired,

Vera Bradley Retired Red Placemat $139.00 By eBay Seller na419 Check it out HERE 

vera bradley, retired, purse, quilted, eBay

Vera Bradley Medley Rare Pattern Classic Handbag Retired Mint Condition. $135.50 by eBay Seller indy_lindy54  Check it out HERE 

 vera bradley, garment bag, retired, pink roses

Vera Bradley Large Garment Bag Tea Garden Retired NWOT SOLD 129.99 by grammabarb224  Check it out HERE