You want to Know What to Sell on eBay?

Last week I made a PowerPoint for my church to give the congregation an idea of some unusual things that sell on eBay.  We are going to raise some money for our new building by selling stuff on eBay.  Here are a few of the items  that most people wouldn’t think of as being of value.

I’m sorry I don’t have any links to these completed auctions…

Watches sell well, but so do watch parts.  This lot sold $269.00

Crystal Sconces sold $469.00  Many people do not realize their old

lights will sell on eBay.

Drawer pulls sold $112.00

Here are some salesman samples.. The shoe samples sold for 98.99 and the thing above sold for 801.00

How about some 1970’s lounge chairs?  5489.00

Old Patterns 406.00

Old Bedspread.. $369.00

Vintage clothing ..  this dress sold for 99.75

An old letterman’s sweater for 89.00

Vintage colognes and lotions.  This Brute Lotion sold for 269.00

How about a paper napkin for 63.00!