What Should I Sell on eBay? Have you tried Vintage Catalogs?

While working on eBay charity auctions for my church.. I noticed quite a few old catalog donations.  Have you ever considered selling catalogs?  You should!

1.  vintage Mcmaster – carr catalog # 61 copyright 1955 Sold for $710.00  Check it out Here


3.  Vintage Whole Earth Catalogs Sold for $360.00 Check it out HERE

4.  E.H. Peckinpaugh Catalog 1930 Lure Fly fishing vintage Sold for $239.35  Check it out HERE.

5.  Simplicity 1950 Pattern Counter Book Catalog Vintage Sold for $217.87 Check it out HERE.

What should I Sell on eBay? Cookie Jar Edition

I’ve always liked cookie jars, and not just for the obvious reasons.. that they hold cookies.  When I first started selling on eBay I bought a black cat cookie jar for $8.00 at an auction.  I was so excited when it sold 158.00!

Cookie jars can be tricky to pack, but easy to sell if you do your research.  Here are a few cookie jars that sell great on eBay.

The pattern and shape make this cookie jar rare.

This cookie jar is new, but they had to stop production of it..

which made it pretty rare.

This Casper the ghost cookie jar came with the original box.  I thought

that would add more value to it.. turns out it only sold for 20.00 more

than one without a box.

There are a few car cookie jars on eBay.. but this Tucker sold

for the most money.

How cute is a Hippo cookie jar?

This is a newer cookie jar.

This cookie jar went with a popular line of dishes in the 1950’s

Franciscan Starburst RARE cookie jar Sold for $253.51

Do you have a cookie jar story?  Have a favorite cookie jar?  Leave a comment!

Something to Sell on eBay: Peanuts Snoopy Collectibles

When I was a kid my parents bought me a plush Snoopy dog.  I loved him.  He had all these clothes that went came with him.  #5 loves Snoopy and I thought maybe for his upcoming birthday I’d get him something similar to what I had as a kid.   While I was browsing for the Snoopy stuff.. I realized how collectible Peanuts stuff is!

Do you have anything like this.. if so you should list it!

1.  Vintage Snoopy Peanuts Pigpen Pig Pen Hungerford Doll eBay # 160408382268 sold by: pandj800  Ending auction price $740.99

Here’s what the seller said about the doll:

You are bidding on a Vintage Peanuts  ” Pig Pen ” Hungerford Plastics vinyl rubber Toy collectable.  United Features Syndicate stamped on bottom of foot ~NO RESERVE~  “ Pigpen / Pig-Pen ”

2.  VINTAGE SCHMID SNOOPY PEANUTS CHARLIE BROWN MUSIC BOX eBay item# 160406510560 sold by eBay Seller: Pandj800  Ending Auction Price $560.99

Here’s what the seller has to say about it:

You are bidding on a Vintage Peanuts 12”Charlie Brown ” Ceramic Schmid Music Box made in 1984 (Hard To Find) ~THERE IS NO RESERVE ON THIS AUCTION~ This 12” Charlie Brown Music Box is in pristine condition and is RARE. Music box has been on display ever since it was purchased. No missing paint or chips on charlie brown. On the bottom you can see the display pads as seen in picture to displayed item. Schmid Made two versions of Music Boxes in 1984 — 6” and a 12” You can tell Schmid spent a great deal of time making these musicals because of the Detail they put into them from shoes to their head is tremendous. It has a high gloss! I believe these were hand painted. You can probably find a couple of the smaller 6” Charlie Brown Lucy Snoopy and Woodstock Schmid music boxes on Ebay, but Rarely will you ever see the 12” Tall and about 7” Wide which is what is up for auction here! Music box plays the TUNE “You’ve Got A Friend” Flawlessly! Which also differs from the smaller ones. On and off switch works perfectly which is located on the bottom of the back of his shirt (as seen in pictures) just move it to the left or right to stop or start the tune where it left off.

3. Very Old tabletop game Nintendo snoopy game & watch eBay# 220557842983 Sold by eBay Seller debbiecrafts2010  Ending Auction price $340.00

Here’s what the seller says about it:

This is Snoopy Tabletop Game .  This is a tabletop game that is about 5″ high.  Really fun to play.  Takes 2 C Batteries.

4. RARE Snoopy Curse You Red Baron ORANGE Fire-King Mug eBay item # 180474817229  eBay Seller cooldishes  Auction ended for: $312.00

Here’s what the Seller says about it:

If you ever wanted a PERFECT one of these mugs, here it is!    This one is the much rarer orange/brown paint Curse You Red Baron coffee mug.  On the bottom is Anchor Hocking Fire-King Oven-Proof.  It is dated 1965, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.  It stands 4″ tall and has a mouth 3″ wide.    No wear, no paint loss, no paint fade, no cracks, no chips, no stains, no fleabites, no rim roughness!    What a beauty!  The glass shines and the paint is not dull or worn.  Looks like no one ever put coffee in this mug!

5.  Vintage 70s Charlie Brown snoopy sweatshirt spruce LG eBay Item #260559640101 eBay Seller dlbxx  End of auction price $150.00

Here’s what the Seller says about it:

A original 70s spruce label charlie brown sweatshirt. Excellent condition, looks like its been worn very little and only a few washes. One tiny hole on the front.  The color’s very are crisp!

Here’s Something to Sell on eBay..

A few years ago I  bought this at a local charity thrift store.  I think I paid .25 cents for it.

It is Estee Lauder Private Collection Body Powder.  It sold (to someone in Dubi) for $179.00.

The economy has changed, and I wondered what scented body powder is selling for currently…

I found some of the same powder on eBay just sold for $59.99

Check it out HERE.

I used to wear this perfume.  I even had some of this body powder.

Anais Anais Perfume Body Powder Sold $140.00

Vintage Lou Lou Dusting Powder Sold 72.00

Vintage Chanel No 5 Dusting Powder Sold $52.00

The Man bought me Calvin Klein’s Euphoria a few years ago.  I would have never picked it out for myself… but I like it.  I wonder if they make body powder for it?  So here’s my question.. Do you use body powder?  and What kind of perfume do YOU wear?