Father’s Day 2020

We had a pretty low-key father’s day.  The Man did what he wanted while I wrote stuff up for eBay.    We had rib-eyes, shrimp scampi, baked potatoes, hoppin’ john, and salad.  The Man likes cake so I made him a 5 layer Raspberry chocolate cake with alternating layers of raspberry fill, dark chocolate butter cream and dark chocolate ganache on the top.




Stuff that Sells on eBay.. Wilton Cake Pans

I’ve always wanted to make beautiful.. fabulous cakes. I can make pretty a good butter cream frosting.. but when it comes to making beautiful cakes.. not so much. While I was looking over photos of my kids birthday cakes.. I realized I could use some help… Which made me start thinking about eBay and cake pans…

While researching these cake pans, I learned that the one's with "inserts" or instructions sold a little bit higher than the one's without. Almost anything Disney sells pretty high too.

wilton cake pan, minnie mouse

Wilton Disney Minnie Mouse Full Body Cake pan with insert. SOLD $75.00 by eBay seller crspinners. Check it out HERE

Wilton C-3PO Star Wars Cake pan with Insert and Booklet SOLD $55.55 by eBay Seller: crspinners. Check it out HERE

wilton cake pan, winnie pooh

Wilton Winnie the Pooh Cake pan Complete Stand up SOLD $55.00 by eBay Seller newrainfalling. Check it out HERE

Wilton Darth Vader Cake Pan SOLD $59.99 by eBay Seller byzntiumbyjoel Check it out HERE

my little pony, cake pan

My Little Precious Pony Cake Pan 1986 Wilton SOLD $45.00 by eBay Seller gypsytrader. Check it out HERE.

Wilton Small Disney Dumbo Flying Elephant cake pan SOLD $47.95 by eBay Seller desertsand_secondhand Check it out HERE

It’s a Birthday Party for a Pookie

Today is my SWEET #3’s Birthday… We had a small party with her friends yesterday..

3 Cuties.. huh?

Why must boys try to look weird when they are standing with girls?

They swam.. and I’m pretty sure it was like -40 yesterday.. OK maybe 65 degrees.

They ate some cake.. and laughed.

Blowing out her (1st) cake of her Birthday..

Opening some super cool gifts.

Don’t you like how #4 and #5 seem to get in every photo?

Tissue paper can be used as a weapon at a Girls Birthday party…

How cute is this purse?

We had our family party tonight.. here’s some highlights..

#3 fancy’s herself as an artist so she received a super cool artist

backpack with all the art supplies.

We are pretty fancy with the wrapping paper.. and don’t you love the DVD’s on the floor behind her?

What we make up the whole “newspaper” wrapping paper thing with a

5 layer homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate cake (cake #2).

OH.. and remember that planner I loved.. Well I received it and it was perfect..

But not perfect for for keeping track of 4 homeschool kids and 25 subjects… So

I re-gifted it for my sweet #3

Is that a re-gift if I gave it too myself?