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Star Wars Marathon..


WAY BACK in October I purchase tickets to see the marathon of the Star Wars series, that was shown in December 18th.  9 movies in 28 hours.  Over the years I try to do things that are meaningful to my kids.   When I was a kid I saw Star Wars 20+ times.  I loved it.  I think I’ve helped cultivate that love with my own kids.   I was a bit embarrassed (but really proud) that they KNEW MORE than I did about Star Wars.




I’m not going to lie.  It’s a hard 28 hours.  I always recommend bring the proper stuff when going to a marathon.

I brought a blanket, pillow, needlepoint, slippers a change of clothes, make up, lotion, and mouthwash. This will make you feel better.. I promise.

#5 was interviewed the last time we did this..  He’s a superstar don’t you think?  🙂



I took #4, 5 and 6 this time.  #6 became sick the day before, but was better on the second day and was able to see the last 3 movies.

This pic was taken right before the Rise of Skywalker started.  Do we look awake?  I did take a few naps during the 28 hours.

This pic was before ANY of the movies started.

If The Force Awakens.. Why am I so Tired?

When Star Wars came out in 1977 I saw the movie multiple times.  I really love Star Wars… not in a ‘I’m going to dress up as my favorite character’ kind of way. But I do love those movies.  When I found out that the AMC theaters would be having a Star Wars Marathon of ALL the movies.. I had to go.  I bought tickets for myself, #2, #4 and #5 about 2 months ago.. as part of their Christmas present.

I was excited about going, but as the days started getting closer I was a bit nervous.  I’ve been to movie marathons before… Twilight, Thor and The Avengers… but let’s face it.. Star Wars  (all 7 movies) was a big deal.  We got to the theater at 2:00pm and I felt so fortunate that we were close enough to the front of the line that we could be inside to wait it out until they would let us in at 8pm.

We brought things to do..

wpid-wp-1450672653923.jpgHere’s #4 and #5 playing on their DS’s


While we were waiting a light saber “show and tell” happened.  This is me in the glasses.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen this photo. I showed this to my husband of 20 years and he said; “Who’s the kid in glasses?” In his defense I don’t wear glasses unless I’m needlepointing.. but since I try to do that every night while I’m sitting next to him; you’d think he’d realize it was me.  BUT he did say ‘kid’.. so maybe he thinks I look young. Score a point for the man.

wpid-wp-1450672599504.jpg#4 being held up by the Storm Troopers

When we were let in at 8pm and were 14th in line.. which means we had our choice of places to sit in the 540 seat theater.

wpid-wp-1450672587777.jpgSome people take their Star Wars pretty seriously.

About 10:30pm (to give us something to do until 1:00AM when the movies starts) They showed Heart of the Sea (the Moby Dick movie) It was pretty good… and they left the house lights on so I could needlepoint.  The movies started at 1:00 and played in chronological order.  I got a bit sleepy during the 2nd movie. (Just in case you were wondering.. the marathon started at 1:00am and was over at about 10:30pm.  We were at the theater for about 28+ hours.

wpid-wp-1450672564844.jpgThe Force IS NOT strong with this one.

#2 was really tired and went to the front row and slept across some chairs.

starwarsnews#5 and Joel Nichols from Channel 41 news check him out here

While #2 slept #4 and #5 were interviewed by 2 different news channels…


See the blonde?  That’s Jeanine.  She’s the GM at the AMC Olathe, KS theater.  She and her staff were fantastic!  They were the best ambassadors for the AMC brand.  They were funny, made sure we were comfortable and fed.  I can not recommend this theater enough!

wpid-wp-1450672539381.jpgI’m so glad I was able to share this time with 3/4 of my boys.   Do we look exhausted?

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