Oprah is De-Cluttering and Selling Her Junk on eBay!

The Huffington Post and New York Post just reported that Oprah Winfrey will be selling her junk on eBay.  The auctions won’t start until March 1st , and all the proceeds will go to her charity, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy .   Check it out HERE.

When I looked at Oprah’s About Me page it appears this is going along with O Magazine’s “De-Clutter” promotion.  It is reported she will be selling 150 items.

Oprah’s size 9 Prada Peep Toes

Some of the  items she is selling?  A Carolina Herrera dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, and  and some pointy toed Prada Boots, that she said hurt her feet.  You know what they say.. “One woman’s pain is another woman’s pleasure!”   I’m pretty sure THIS eBayer won’t have the cash to buy Oprah’s junk.. and I don’t fit in her size 9’s anyway 🙁