Wednesday’s Working List..

Watermelon, balling watermelon

Nothing says summer like watermelon. Here’s #4 making watermelon balls.

Wednesday’s To Do List

1. Get Youth Group Stuff Together..

2. Write up Church’s Charity eBay Stuff.

3.  Fix pictures

4. Dinner = Potluck.. we are bringing Grilled Chicken Pizza

5. map out estate sales for this weekend..

6. 30 min on the Wii

Thursday’s To-Do List

This was my strange item of the week. I found it searching for jadite… Because I love Jadite.

I wonder if Heinz Soups had restaurants or if they gave these bowls to restaurants that

carried their soups?  Either way this bowl is a GREAT item to sell on eBay.   Check out this Fire King

Heinz 57 Soup Bowl SOLD $140.00

1.  School the monkeys..

2. Check on Mission Fish Status

3.  Dinner.. Mexican Pizza (Grilled Chicken and Beef)

4.   Change 900 listings and their store categories (on going process)

5. Wii Fit 30 minutes

6.  Finish About Me page for Charity Auction

7.  Start #3’s father daughter dance dress.

8.  Call Dentist

9.  make Dr’s appt’s

10.  Write up a BUNCH of Charity auctions!

11. Touch up the rooms the youth painted at church yesterday.

12.  BLOG

Tabled Items

1. Order Confessions Book for youth group  (sold out.. check back later)

2. work on the Cooking Blog

3. stretch and block my friend’s needlepoint

4. finish #1’s Coat (make button holes)

5. make lining for the felted purse #1 gave me

What the Heck is THIS? Cast Iron Wood Thing Edition…

I’ve been working on a charity auction for my church.  I walked into our “eBay” office at church and found this thing.  I’ve shown it to a few of the workers (that are busy working on the building)… they had no idea what this is.  So I’m asking you..

It’s cast iron.  The imprint above says “Centralia”

Stands about 7″ tall

Has a wood center.  I don’t think it’s removable.

So.. what the heck is it?

Oh.. and do you know what this thing is?

It says “Miniature Broiler”…. someone said a smelter.. the base is

wood, with a cast iron top and wood handle.   I can’t wait to hear

what these things are..

Oprah is De-Cluttering and Selling Her Junk on eBay!

The Huffington Post and New York Post just reported that Oprah Winfrey will be selling her junk on eBay.  The auctions won’t start until March 1st , and all the proceeds will go to her charity, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy .   Check it out HERE.

When I looked at Oprah’s About Me page it appears this is going along with O Magazine’s “De-Clutter” promotion.  It is reported she will be selling 150 items.

Oprah’s size 9 Prada Peep Toes

Some of the  items she is selling?  A Carolina Herrera dress, Jimmy Choo pumps, and  and some pointy toed Prada Boots, that she said hurt her feet.  You know what they say.. “One woman’s pain is another woman’s pleasure!”   I’m pretty sure THIS eBayer won’t have the cash to buy Oprah’s junk.. and I don’t fit in her size 9’s anyway 🙁