Bribing Children, Or the One About Transformers & Hostess

My children love Transformers.

bumblebee, transformers, nerd

I'm serious.

So when my boys saw these…..

and these…

…..they begged for some.

I know you would think after all the times I've blogged about  Hostess products, they would totally sponsor my blog… but they don't… We just love them that much..

Anyway.. let's get back to talking about my children's obsession with Transformers.

They begged and begged for the Snowballimus Prime "Snowballs" or the Chocowave Shock wave Cupcakes.  I made a deal that if they did their school for a week without whining.. I would spend a $1.00 (big spender) on them and purchase the cupcakes…. This is their reaction…


So happy they ate them in the car. (Much to The Man's displeasure.. he doesn't approve of eating in the car)