Bribing Children, Or the One About Transformers & Hostess

My children love Transformers.

bumblebee, transformers, nerd

I'm serious.

So when my boys saw these…..

and these…

…..they begged for some.

I know you would think after all the times I've blogged about  Hostess products, they would totally sponsor my blog… but they don't… We just love them that much..

Anyway.. let's get back to talking about my children's obsession with Transformers.

They begged and begged for the Snowballimus Prime "Snowballs" or the Chocowave Shock wave Cupcakes.  I made a deal that if they did their school for a week without whining.. I would spend a $1.00 (big spender) on them and purchase the cupcakes…. This is their reaction…


So happy they ate them in the car. (Much to The Man's displeasure.. he doesn't approve of eating in the car)

Saturday is Garage Sale Day

Today was City Wide Garage Sale days in Ottawa (KS).  I thought I might go out and see what I could find.  There wasn’t as many as there have been in years past, but we did find a few things:

See the large black bag in the back?  That is FULL of Mary Kay stuff.

Some woman decided not to sell MK any more and gave us the bag,

mirrors and product.  #3 thinks this is the best thing in the world.

pottery, marjorie bastin, Hallmark, vintage patterns

Big box of vintage patterns, Youth Dew, Hallmark Marjorie Bastin

votive holders  and the speckled pink pottery Aladdin lamp.

I’m not sure who made that pink speckle pottery.. but it’s cute enough. 🙂

glass blue vase, reverse painted vase

We found this vase at the second garage sale we went to.

I love the color and it’s about 24″ tall.

legos, transformers, crayons, vintage toys

Here’s some junk I bought the kids.. Legos, Transformers and

miscellaneous toys.. they were in heaven!

Large box of vintage rug hooking kits and craft stuff.

I love old patterns.  The photos are awesome..

We bought 2 boxes of books for #2 to put on Amazon.  We were set

to pay just a few bucks for the boxes of them.. until the guy selling them

realized I wrote the “eBay Queen Article”.. He decided to charge us more

than a few bucks.. 🙁  Moral of this story?

Wait in the car.. and send a kid in to buy your junk.

Do you like my star lamp? It was only .50 cents.

I’m putting in the Youth Room at church.  Did you find anything today?

Do Bumblebee’s sleep?

I know I’ve gone over how much #5 loves Transformers.  HereHereHere… and Here..  Just in case you don’t believe me… I present to you..#5 King of the Transformers..

He sleeps with his Bumblebee helmet every night.  I think it’s funny

how it looks like Bob the Builder (on his pillowcase) is wearing the helmet.

He does this every night.. It’s pretty cute isn’t it?

I went to a Christmas Party and a Fight Broke Out..

Sunday we went to The Man’s parents house to celebrate Christmas with them.  I affectionately call my mother and father in law Ward and June Cleaver.  I’ve done this because The Man has always referred to his childhood as living the life of The Cleavers.. you know the show “Leave it to Beaver” ?

I don’t know if you can see Sam (he’s the cat with the green arrow above his head).

This photo reminds me of him being a “basement cat” from that cute site Icanhascheezburger.

The day started out great… the stockings were hung…

The men were relaxing.  That’s The Man and his baby brother.. oh and

#2’s there in the back and black.

Here’s #4 and his uncle.  They are pretty cute huh?

(oh and they both are single… 🙂 You’ll have to wait a while for #4 though)

It was a pretty normal family Christmas party.. trees, stockings, food, family.. until we got

to the presents.  Here’s #2.. nothing too weird here.

We have #4 opening is rocket ship.. This kid loves space.  He’s going to be

the first kid from our little town on the Moon.

Here’s #4 and his uncle “the punk” playing with the rocket..

Then we came to #5.. he’s been wanting one of these for a LONG time.

He loves Transformers, and this Bumblebee Voice Changer Helmet is

a perfect gift for this kid.

Here #2 and my mother in law “June” (without the pearls and heels)

watching  the festivities.

Wait.. what’s this? It looks like #4 has found something..

Could it be?  Did #5 leave the Bumblebee helmet UNATTENDED?

Holy Smokes.. #4 has been spotted with the helmet. That blur there is

#5 coming over to get his helmet back.  Can you see the Bumblebee

Transformer car he dropped on the floor?

He’s not happy…

He’s working  up to throwing a fit…

inlawxmas18Wait.. The Man busts into the room to save the day…

Peace and Order is restored and #4 gave him the helmet back.  Whew…

melt down diverted to another day.