Chicago Highlights

I went to Chicago in August with #2 for his business… Here are a few highlights from our trip.

chicagodrake23We stayed at the Drake Hotel.. this is their Gold Coast room.. This photo does not do this beautiful hotel ballroom justice.

chicagojacobbed#2 LOVED his bed.

chicagodrake30I'm serious.. he loves that bed..

chicagodrake19He was fascinated by the hotel mini bar…

chicagodrake20But not so impressed by their prices.. 6.00 for a king size bag of M&M's!

chicagodrake29We ate breakfast every morning at The Drake

chicagodrake25Not too shabby.. but pretty flippin' expensive ..

59.00 for a breakfast buffet?  I don't think we are at Shoney's anymore! 

Speaking of food…

chicagodrake22We ate at The Weber Grill  (it never disappoints your tummy)

chicagodrake33Pizza at Giordonos

chicagodrake37Oh My Goodness… Lunch at Da Lobsta

chicagodrake34I saw a pair of 3300.00 Christian Louboutin sparkly shoes. 

**I apparently didn't look like the kind of girl that would wear Louboutin's.. because the sales people didn't even say Hi to me in this store.

chicagodrake32A wedding on a Tuesday? Why not?

chicagodrake3Short Girl Problems.. the make up/shaving mirror is too high up.

chicagodrake12I rode the Merta… way past my exit.

chicagodrake15I was in a car that was hit by a dump truck.  See that big green truck.. it side-swiped our Taxi.

chicagochurchBeautiful Church

chicagodrake35We met lots of interesting people.. and most of them were our Lyft or Uber drivers.  This guy cut hair for a living in Jordan, but here in America he drives an Uber car.  He wants to own his own barber shop.  He thinks he will be able to have his own shop in the next 18 months.  It was the highlight of our trip to meet people like this..

chicagodrake16Here's our mobile office.. while we were waiting for our plane.

What I am NOT Buying the Kids for Christmas this Year

Here are some things my kids ARE NOT getting for Christmas… but I know they would like to have.

#1 is not a short girl.. and loves high heels. I know she would love these Christian Louboutin Red Mary Janes. If only I could spend $299.99 on a pair of shoes. Want to see them? Go Here

#2 loves Legos. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to get this Lego City lot with the Corner Cafe, Green Grocer and Fire Brigade. It’s pretty cool but freezes my wallet up for $485.00 + shipping. Want to see it? Go Here

#3 really likes her American Girl Doll Stuff. There were several nice lots on eBay, but I think this one was the nicest.. all retired stuff. But well.. she’s not getting it. $985.00 See it HERE

#4 Really wants a remote control helicopter. I’ve tried and tried to explain to him that remote control helicopters are not made for 6 year olds.. These are about $269.00 Check it out HERE.

#5 Loves Transformers… I don’t mean he loves them like he plays with them. I mean he loves them like he can recite the lines from both movies.. like when he wakes up in the morning he looks to see if “Bumblebee” has shown up at the house.. like his last name is Wyckwicki.. He’s obsessed! When I was looking through the Transformers stuff on eBay he saw a yellow 2010 Chevrolet Camero (painted like Bumblebee).. he wanted it.. But I decided on this: Transformers entire collection: price $15,000.00 check it out HERE.