Strange Weird.. Yet Some How Fabulous eBay items

It’s been snowing like crazy here.  It’s so bad, that we have drifts on our road and we can’t get out!  So what’s a girl to do?  Do I clean the house?  Work on eBay things?  NO.. I window shopped on eBay.

I found some crazy, weird, unique things while browsing.


1. Authentic Chanel CANVAS tote bag asking price? $749.00. See it HERE This is even used pre-owned.


2.   I really don’t understand why someone would pay 8,880.00 for 2 phone numbers that are in sequential order?  Do you?  If so.. please enlighten me.


3.  How about a $78.00 for a potato?  HERE. Would you pay more if you knew a cross was cut into it?


4. Here’s something you don’t see everyday.. How about a 1968 GOLD Gillette Razor?  Current price $128.00


5. How about a Rare Antique Corkscrew?  It’s current price is about 128.00.  I wonder what it will end up at?