You want to Make a Memory… Try Again

I really wanted to take a photo of The Man and I at midnight on New Years eve.  You know.. to have a memory of us on the cusp of 2010.. Here is what happened..

Wow.. we got an ear and an eye..

Better except The Man looks like he took some NyQuil or Unisom

a half hour ago.. and my eyes.. well, they look bloodshot!

is this better? I don’t even know.

NyQuil has taken effect..

Look at his face!  Distrust has come between us.. and I don’t even

know it.  (the wife is always the last to know) 😉 These were the best of our

“midnight together photos”.  You know we should have just asked one of the

other 8 people that were in the house with us that night to take our

picture… anything would have been better than this.

Speaking of photos on New Years Eve…………………….

We went out with my “Mon ami” from high school and her man.

Luckily before we left for dinner at PF Changs.. We snapped some photos


Not bad.. the man looks like he was taken by surprise.. and well..

I look like a midget even though I was on my toes and Mon Ami was

bending her knees.

Here’s the perfect New Year’s Eve Midnight Photo..  I asked

why he took it.. he said; “I’ve always wanted a photo of myself

upside down”… um OK #2..

A Lesson was Learned.. and some Delicious Food was Consumed

If you are from Kansas City.. you’ve heard of the Westport Flea Market. It’s famous for many things;

  • The Food.. voted Best Burger in Kansas City 23 years in a row.
  • Hooter’s tried to buy it out to put a new “Hooters” there. (It didn’t work)
  • It’s a restaurant that is surrounded by a flea market (where else would an eBay Queen like to eat?)
  • Bob Berdella (famous KC serial killer) once had a booth at a the flea market.
  • Oh.. and I wrote a review on it HERE

Here’s The Man’s Market Burger.. oh yeah.. that’s real bacon 🙂

Here’s #1’s food..

You’d think with all of this fabulous food the eaters would look a little more alive.. right?

Don’t mind Patrick.. he’s going on 24 hours of NO SLEEP

There’s not really an excuse for these people…

(Except I took a BAZILLION photos of them today.. and in some of them they tried

to punish me, by looking goofy.

I mean really.. SO I’ve been taking your photos all day.. LOOK ALIVE PEOPLE!

A mother has to do what she has to do..

Well.. isn’t that special.. We now know where they get it from..their father!..

Nice finger up the nose! No matter how cute #1 tries to look, it doesn’t

make up for The Man leading them in this form of anarchy! Just look at the boys…

smiling and in awe of their father..