Winter Jam… Ice Roads and a Suite Time

The 31st was WINTER JAM day.  If you don't know what Winter Jam.. it's 10 Christian bands in one place on one day for $10.  There is not assigned seating, so we try to get there pretty early and wait in line so we can get a good seat.


When we pulled up to the Sprint Center there wasn't anyone there waiting… You know what that means… FIRST IN LINE!

winterjam2These children were pretty happy about that.

We had a plan for this cold last day of January.  #3 and 3.5 would stand in line for an hour, while #2 and #4 would go to Consentinos and warm up. Then they would switch.


Here they are waiting….


While they were waiting #5 and I did a little shopping, ran some errands… and you know hung out with a few Lego people.  I knew the weather had the potential to be bad on Friday, but I didn't think it was going to get icy until AFTER the concert was over.  Right after this photo was taken I receive a phone call that the roads were really bad, and that none of the others that were coming up to meet us wanted to take a chance on the icy roads.  I called #2 to let him know and he informed me that #3, #3.5 and #4 received passes and were getting into Winter Jam early… he didn't want to wait any longer and was going to take a taxi to where I was…


As it turns out he couldn't get a taxi, so he rented a bike to come see me.  I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but it was raining little ice pelts in this picture. Since we were about 60 miles from our house… I thought it would be best if we stayed at a hotel, and maybe the weather would be better in the morning.


Here they are all safe and snug in our hotel room.

embassy6A fantastic breakfast on Saturday Morning.


A view of Kansas city from our hotel room.