Surfing for Needlepoint and Cross Stitch

When I was in 4th grade my mother taught me how to do cross stitch.   It was only cross stitch on a printed design, but she started my love of needlework on that day.   Between 4th grade and 1995 I exclusively did counted cross stitch.  After 1995 I learned I COULD NOT keep track of what I needed to cross and where I was on the pattern.  You see #2 was born in 1995.

Now days I do a lot of needlepoint.  If you don’t know the difference between Cross Stitch and Needlepoint.. it’s pretty simple.

  • Cross stitch is done on a soft cloth, and you count  with little squares and holes. With Cross stich the stitches are formed by making X’s across the squares to make a pattern.   The pattern is not on the fabric, you follow the paper pattern and count to figure out where your stitches go.
  • Needlepoint uses different stitches, (but almost never and X). The other major difference between cross stitch and needlepoint is that a needlepoint design fills up the entire fabric, while cross stitch can be large or small but almost always has blank canvas around the stitched image.  With Needlepoint the pattern is painted on the canvas while cross stitch is a blank canvas.

At lunchtime around my house I like to dream about needlepoint.  I surf the internet for the perfect canvas.  Here are some I found today.

I love all things Poppy.

I found this one on Etsy.  This is hand painted by the seller WeezieWorld.  They are selling it for $75.00 Check it out HERE.

Looks like something  The Pioneer Woman would love!

I love the colors.. makes me wish I had a  floppy ear dog.  Hand painted by Etsy seller 4EVAU  Asking price on this needlepoint $29.00  Check it out HERE

Geometric Design..

I like circles.. but these are more like ovals.  ANY WAY.. I like the colors and the shapes of this one.  The artist is izzyandluca  Price $35.00  Check it out HERE.

Fart Queen…

This is NOT needlepoint.. it is a cross stitch.  I saw it and about spit iced tea ALL over my laptop.  I hope it brings you the same joy it brought me 🙂  Etsy Seller Xandy  Price $35.00 Check it out HERE.